The story of Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering

Twelve years ago, I released my debut solo-project, Daily Thumbprint Collection. I handled the whole process: writing a complete album, tracking all the parts, mixing and mastering, artwork, package design, and even distribution using my own independent record label. …

Dear friends (specifically U.S. gigging musicians and any self-employed arts individuals),

I’ve been keeping my eye on this over the last several days while waiting for it to become available. This resource should help outline the steps many of you may be able to take to apply for unemployment benefits during this time when so many are affected by cancelled performances or work.

If you find this useful, or know someone else that can use it, please share. Stay healthy out there!

World’s earliest surviving camera photograph, 1826 or 1827: View from the Window at Le Gras

I have a theory that comparing historic innovations in the arts will allow us to make predictions towards the music trends in our near future.

Music is a concept that I started learning at a very young age, basically around the same time that I was physically learning to speak. My family consists of musicians, and we even had a family band which I started performing with as a child. Since then, I’ve continued to…

Caleb Dolister

drummer, composer, and web developer

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